Monday, August 3, 2009

Close but no cigar

Well I have the exhaust clamps mounted but I am having trouble getting the cross pipe to connect up.

Just going to take time to get it going.


  1. Darn! Is the center coupling getting in the way?
    Is the cross brace you put in wood?
    Can you notch it where it is hitting?

    Got a picture?

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  3. I need to use a drum sander and carve out a notch for it. I am also going to mount a third exhaust clamp to the other side just to make sure everything stays. With as big and heavy as he is adding a couple more ounces of weight wont hurt.

  4. Not a bad idea.

    Also is there any way to take your T3 head apart and lighten it some more?

    If not you could always use a router through the top or bottom to carve it out and cover it with a piece of styrene.

  5. I've started the concepts for making my own T3. I was wondering if you had the dimensions for the base of your T3? Any help would be appreciated!